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Kgb (stylized in lower case) is a privately held, New York-based company that provides directory assistance and enhanced information services across Europe and North America. It describes itself as "the world’s largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services." Founded in 1992 by Robert Pines under the name INFONXX, the company rebranded in 2008. The term knowledge generation bureau is from an advertising copy line and is not the name of the company, which is kgb.

According to Pepper Hamilton Website in January 2013, kgb USA settled to pay $1.3 million in unpaid minimum wage and overtime wages to 14,000 current and former employees. The lawsuit alleged that from January 19, 2009, to December 4, 2012, kgb USA repeatedly violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by misclassifying the Special Agents as independent contractors instead of employees, failing to pay minimum wage and overtime amounts, and failing to make, keep, and preserve adequate and accurate employment-related records of the “Special Agents.”


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Former Employee - Analyst says

"no perks and no benefits, clueless management team"


"Same as any other job"

Former Employee - Quality Control says

"Metrics were challenging to meet. My second boss was deeply creepy."

Former Employee - Inbound Representative says

"Call time is always reviewed . You are always evaluated weekly and you do have a competitive atmosphere. (Sometimes thats a pro) they hire alot of people so your prefomance counts if you dont want to be replaced. Politics here is not that bad but it is definitely there. The pay for new hires is pretty mediocre. Like 9$ per hr maybe. I would say more like 8 for training which is 2 weeks and they do extend your period but only if they think you would make the perfomance cut.You are receiving 30 secound calls so that like over 200 calls per hour. People call 411 for everything so you have to be fast.they dont use mouses. All on the keyboard. 10key and fast key. Alot of the stations are dirty. You are given one headset that is yours to take and you pay if you lose it. I think some stations had wipes. So that may have improved over time."